Ulaanbaatar, May 11, 2022 – For centuries, herder families have been tending their livestock, grazing them to new pastures throughout the warmer months and staying put in their winter camp (shelter) sites, called “Uvuljuu”, to seek shield from extreme weather conditions and survive Mongolia’s harsh winter.

The herder families in Bayankhongor are no exception to this cycle. Having a structurally sound winter camp does make a profound difference in livestock survival and can save the livelihoods of the herder families.

As part of its social responsibility programs, Naran Mandal has a tradition of delivering winter camp construction materials to herder families in “Mandal Khairkhan” bagg of Bayan-Ovoo soum to support the livelihoods of herders during the harsh winters and has delivered crucial construction materials to more than 40 herder families since 2015. Most recently, ten families in “Mandal Khairkhan” bagg received winter camp construction materials in May of this year.

The latest batch was delivered by Mr. Erdenetsogt, Head of External relations department of Naran Mandal.

Mr. Bundan, a beneficiary of the social responsibility program, has described it as “vital and time-sensitive” and expressed his appreciation and recognition of Naran Mandal’s commitment to the local community.

“Mongold is committed to its social responsibility program, of which this is just one part. We are very pleased to continue to provide winter camp materials to the herder families and to continue to look at ways we can work with these families to provide greater independence. Our overriding strategic position is to provide support for our local communities and to leave them better for us having been here, while providing them with opportunities for greater self-sufficiency. said Glenn Baldwin, Chief Executive Officer of Naran Mandal Enterprises.

About Naran Mandal – a Mongold mine

Managed by Mongold, Naran Mandal is an underground narrow-vein, hard rock gold mine located in Bayan-Ovoo soum of Bayankhongor province. Naran Mandal has set a new standard for hard rock gold mining in Mongolia – both in terms of its experienced international management and strong local workforce, as well as its mandate to create social value in the local communities.

Over the past three years, Naran Mandal has invested approximately MNT 3 billion into the Bayan-Ovoo soum community and the Bayankhongor province through its local investment and social responsibility programs.

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