Every employee of Naran Mandal is part of a special family, where their development and well-being are central to Naran Mandal’s core mission.

I have been working in the mining sector in Mongolia for over 20 years and I am proud to be working at Naran Mandal, where we are making significant progress towards mining operations, efficiency, and development on a daily basis. Naran Mandal’s commitment extends far beyond operating an efficient and successful enterprise. Naran Mandal embraces a values-based culture, where safety, responsibility, environmental stewardship, and local impact are deeply embedded in the business.

Ariunbold T.

Metallurgical Manager

Naran Mandal is my first job with a mining company. I am originally from Bayankhongor Province, and I very much appreciate the care Naran Mandal takes with the local environment. Naran Mandal’s approach to mining is ethical and based on international standards, and it creates such a strong contrast to the artisanal mining that I have seen throughout Bayankhongor.

Munkhtemuulen A.

Site Environmental Officer

My favorite part of working at Naran Mandal is my colleagues. We have a great team here. There are lots of opportunities for growth at our company. I definitely feel that I’ve become a part of a family. We’re all here to support one another and to grow professionally, as well as personally.

Zagd O.


I really enjoy coming to work because of my colleagues. I appreciate being part of starting a brand new company from the ground floor up by developing processes.

Badamdorj B.


I’m excited for the future growth of Naran Mandal. Working here allows for future career opportunities. I truly love my job and everyone I work with.

Gendendarjaa G.