Modernized Detox Cycle

September 2018
Naran Mandal project, in cooperation with Xinhai, a manufacturer of high tech mining equipment and machinery, installed and began using a new detoxification process at its processing plant. This modernization effort underscores a sharp focus by Naran Mandal on ensuring the environmentally sustainable development of its high-grade project in Bayankhongor. Since acquiring Naran Mandal in 2014, Mongold has invested significant resources in developing the Naran Mandal project. These investments have allowed for increased production and further exploration of the deposit, and has elevated the safety and secured the environmental impact of the surrounding area.

New Tailing Dam

May 2018
Naran Mandal constructed, installed, and commissioned a new high quality tailing dam at its project site in Bayankhongor. Using modern materials from South Korea and Dream Oasis LLC as its construction contractor, the new tailing dam will have a capacity of 88,203 cubic meters – far in excess of the projected liberated resource. Naran Mandal received approval from the State Inspection Committee to start using the dam. The investment by Mongold into the new tailing dam at the Naran Mandal project is one of many improvements made over the past two years that will not only increase Naran Mandal’s production, but also bring its efficiency and environmental stewardship to international world class standards.