Let us help you answer any questions that you might have about Naran Mandal. For further inquiries, please contact [email protected].

How can I find out about job vacancies at Naran Mandal?

Naran Mandal advertises its job vacancies on this website, or feel free to contact our Human Resources Department. For full details, visit the Work With Us section of our website.

How does Naran Mandal support local communities in the soum where it operates?

We are committed to contributing to the development and well-being of local communities. As part of corporate social responsibility, the government, private companies, herders, and local communities are closely involved with the workforce and have implemented a number of projects and programs in education, health, and infrastructure. We are committed to contributing to development, and to being a responsible, environmentally-friendly, well-respected mining company.

What is Naran Mandal’s approach to health and safety?

Safety is our number one priority at Naran Mandal. Our company adheres to the Law on Occupational Safety and Health and other relevant laws and regulations on health and safety. We are examined and evaluated by external auditors from professional organizations.

How does Naran Mandal invest in different areas under social responsibility?

The focus of our social responsibility is to invest in the future of Mongolia’s education and to contribute to the talent of qualified people, as well as to protect the health of the population, and to increase the number of doctors. The same principle applies to the infrastructure in the region where the mine site is located.

What is your approach to dealing with waste and the environmental impact of mining?

We recognize that mining can have adverse ecological effects, and are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our activities. We work towards preserving the natural environment around our mines, by taking all possible measures to mitigate adverse effects.

Does Naran Mandal cooperate with locals who own businesses in the area?

We prioritize buying our daily supplies mainly from local small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, herders, and farmers. We work not only to provide locals with employment, but also require high standards for hygiene and quality for meat, milk and dairy products, and work to develop the necessary practices and rules to help local producers meet these standards.

How does the local community participate in Naran Mandal’s environmental management and other social activities?

Through our PR and CSR department, we have been implementing a number of projects and programs aimed at corporate social responsibility, education, health, infrastructure, and herders’ livelihoods. We have been implementing a series of programs that enable herders and communities to live in a healthy and safe environment. It is part of the multi-lateral collaboration that supports the herders’ representatives, and government officials are expected to reflect on these targets.

Where can I find information about Naran Mandal's investors?

Information about our project’s investors is available on our website. In addition, it is available on the Mongolian Stock Exchange website.

How does Naran Mandal's operations benefit the day-to-day lives of people in the region?

All the goods that are required for the daily operations of our mine site, such as stationery, petrol, clothing, protective equipment, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, laboratory tools and construction materials, are purchased locally whenever possible. In addition, a number of taxes paid, such as environmental, water, and transportation insurance, are concentrated in the province where a mine is operating. This is a form of financial support for rural areas that flows through small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Does Naran Mandal have an environmental management plan?

Our environmental management plan is designed to continuously improve environmental resources. Mongold trains its employees and contractors to meet the highest environmental standards and best practices. We are constantly updating our environmental monitoring activities to be the leader in environmental management.

Does Naran Mandal have water management policies?

We uphold responsible and efficient water management policies in our mining operations and other day-to-day operations. Our mines are well monitored and used for operational purposes, and the installed systems reuse up to 92 percent of the water used by the plant. We regularly collect water samples from camp wells, near surface and water basins, and monitor water quality.

What is Naran Mandal's approach to occupational safety?

We always focus on the health and safety of our employees and contractors. The company believes that health and safety are a vital part of the company’s existence and development, and works to create a Zero Injuries work environment. The Company adheres to Mongolian laws and regulations on health and safety. Mongold’s operations follow international safety practices and standards.

Will you increase the mine's production? Will more jobs be created?

In addition to the Naran Mandal project, we are committed to setting a world-class mining standard through many attractive and customizable projects in Mongolia. In doing so, we will create sustainable jobs in rural areas and develop regional infrastructure.

What future projects and infrastructure will be financed and developed?

We plan to fulfill our corporate responsibilities within our business objectives to improve education, health, infrastructure and herder livelihoods.